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Daycare Registration

To be enrolled in the program the following must be completed:

1 - Application

2 - Center Agreement

3 - Child Health Appraisal

4 - Parent Handbook

5 - Emergency Contact Information

6 - Tuition Agreement

7 - Registration Fee- $55 per Family,


About Our Daycare

A child is born learning center offers Christian early childhood experiences.  The daycare's mission is to provide quality, development appropriate, affordable care for children and to meet the needs of each child in a safe, healthy, home-like environment. In order to stimulate every child's intellectual, physical and emotional development, we see our role as that of facilitators.  Through careful curriculum planning, it is our privilege and responsibility to allow children to discover and interpret their world.

Tuition Rates

Age 1  $150.00   $165.00    Weekly

Age 2  $125.00   $150.00    Weekly

Age 3  $100.00   $125.00    Weekly

Age 4  $95.00     $100.00    Weekly

Age 5  $85.00     $95.00      Weekly

Before and after school $85.00 Weekly

After School                   $75.00 Weekly

Before School                $75.00 Weekly

Drop in Rate                   $25.00  Day

Summer        100.00   Weekly

Spring Break 100.00   Weekly

Winter Break 100.00   Weekly

Colorful Balloons

The daycare reserve the right to refuse

service to anyone for the following reason including but not limited to: class size, discipline issues, and past due fees.

Colorful Balloons

Click below to download daycare application

A Child Is Born Learning Center

2696 Williamsburg Rd

Richmond VA 23231

804 222-2612

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Kids in Preschool
Kids Reading Outdoor
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