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The purpose of the Food Ministry at Elohim Christian Outreach Center is to reach out to the people in the community with food assistance and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


With the help of God, our food ministry provides families with fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, and non-perishables such as canned vegetables, soups, beans, and pasta. The quality depends on the availability to the families, but here at the Food Ministry of Elohim Christian Outreach Center we make sure none of our guest leaves the church without food for their families.


This Food Ministry has no overhead cost, because it is operated by volunteers from the church. The volunteers here are very blessed and enjoy serving the community. We send an invitation out, if you have a servant’s heart and desire to serve Christ; we encourage you to join us in this very special and productive ministry. 

We have servers who prepare bags of food, helpers who distribute and help the person who needs assistance with their bags of food. The Food Ministry group also greets the people with a warm and loving heart and gives them comfort. 


The Food is purchased from the FeedMore Food Bank on RhoadMiller Road.


Romans: 12: 11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; 


Do not be lazy in your work on behalf of the Lord. Keep your spiritual energy. 


Work together with the same purpose, love and be united in spirit and purpose.  When you do this it is more likely for the work of Christ in you to be successful as Paul told the Philippians. 

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