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A fun learning environment for children’s ages 3-12 years of age. Classes are designed to encourage positive relationships with others through prayer, faith confessions, songs, prepared lessons, activities, crafts, object lessons, fun and games. A variety of fun is fostered to engage children, introduce them to the Word of God while building biblical foundations and principles through their relationship with God and their lifestyle.


The Elohim Christian Outreach Center Children’s Church ministers to children according to their respective age groups. The children are separated into groups according to their respective ages to help us meet their specific needs and demands. The groups are as follows:

GROUP                               AGES                                                    FOCUS

Fruit of the Spirit         Ages 3-4 years old              Learn the concepts of the Fruit of the Spirit

Seeds of Abraham     Ages 5-6 years old              Learn the concept of faith in God

Tree of Life                 Ages 7-9 years old              Becoming rooted in the Word of God

Joshua Generation     Ages 10-12 years old          Preteens who are “on fire” for Jesus

S.W.A.T.                     Ages 13-19 years old          Sold-Out Word Activated Teenagers


Father, I thank you that I am an example of Jesus in the earth.  I excel academically because I have the mind of Christ and can do all things throughChrist who strengthens me. Thank you for giving me wisdom and understanding in all.  Kinds of learning, just like you gave Daniel. I have favor with everyone I am around, and People are looking for ways to bless me. I set myself to share your Love with everyone in My school, community and family.Thank you Lord for empowering me to prosper!

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